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Welcome onto Yorta Yorta country

On the banks of the beautiful Murray River in Victoria, Australia, people of the Yorta Yorta nation invite you to come on a journey through the majestic Barmah  river red gum forest, to share in the stories of their long history, their rich culture, and their special sites. For details of this walk through the forest go to :



Searching for the Sweet Spot

“To learn you must be willing, to learn…” It is a phrase which has no end. Learning anything new requires you to step outside your comfort zone. Why bother ? What are people searching for? On a mystical lake in Switzerland, and the shimmering seas surrounding Corsica, eight men and women explore how they are “Searching for the Sweet Spot” in their lives.

To visit the kayak school in Switzerland, where much of the filming took place, go to:

The full version of “Searching for the Sweet Spot” is not available for commercial release.