Exploring the potential of regional centres

Cities have increasingly become places of pressure.Innovation needs to resolve real world problems. Cities have increasingly become places of pressure. Regional areas sorely need to expand their economic base. Debraneys has committed time to explore the potential of regional centres for one arm of its operations - utilising their capabilities in a way which has not been possible until recently.

Technology cannot resolve the world’s problems. Human beings must do this. Technology can play a significant role in supporting our actions to resolve problems. Debraneys new suite of products recognises this reality.

The capabilities of many regional centres today in Australia, include a well developed technological infrastructure, and a university educated workforce, with knowledge based skills. The confluence of these factors with Debraneys innovation is timely.

Broadening the economic base of regional centres to include a growing reliance on the expansion of knowledge based jobs would be a healthy step towards strengthening them. It would also reduce the pressure on the resources of cities.  Investing time to know the people of regional centres, and their resources, is a critical, and satisfying, part of doing business.

Regional Centres