Innovation underpins all our design and implementation. Debraneys has been the recipient of numerous awards for excellence and innovation. These awards include:

  • Innovation and Development Scheme Grant, Singapore
    – National Computer Board, Economic Development Board, Singapore Tourism Board
    (Awarded 1997)
  • Australian Technology Showcase, NSW State and Regional Development
    – suite of products for the International Maritime Industry
    (Member since 2003)
  • Technology Demonstration Program, NSW State and Regional Development
    – Partnership with Centre for Maritime Policy (CMP) University of Wollongong  (renamed Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security -ANCORS)
    (Awarded 2004)
  • Secrets of Australian IT Innovation, Australian Federal Government
    – A winner in the e-Security category (2004)
  • Export Market Development Grant, AusIndustry - Australian Federal Government
  • Research and Development AusIndustry - Australian Federal Government