Debra Bayne - CEO

Prior to establishing Debraneys, Debra worked as a private consultant to the Australian federal and state governments, advising them on how they could achieve their business goals, using newly available computer based technologies.

From its earliest days, Debraneys focus and experience was global. Debra has been included in Australian government trade missions to the UK, UAE, India, and Japan, as well as undertaking marketing trips to the US and Canada.

Debraneys’ ground breaking work within the internatonal maritime sector, across many years, led to Debra being invited to chair the “Maritime Security Asia 2006” conference in Singapore, which explored the reality of the impact of the international maritime legislation - ”Life after the ISPS code”.

In 2007 Australia hosted the APEC summit. Debra was invited to speak at the APEC Women’s Forum in Northern Queensland. The topic of the forum of the 21 member countries was “Building a Sustainable e-Future.”

International interest in Debraneys’ new and enabling technology for the maritime sector resulted in Debra being part of the inaugural NSW Business Women’s Trade Mission to the UAE, at the end of 2007.

Debraneys has always been a business involved in transformational change. The lessons of the past decades have been great. Debra has spear- headed a long term research and development project to take to market a new methodology and technology to address many of the continuing problems being encountered with regard to information management globally.

Today is no less exciting, nor challenging a time for Debraneys. The reframing of the business now includes utilising the capabilities of regional centres in a way which has not been possible until very recently. Investing time in getting to know the people of Queensland, and the region of Central Queensland and its resources, is a critical, and satisfying, part of doing business. Debraneys is in the midst of proposing changes which can include the expansion of knowledge based jobs as an increasingly important economic foundation for regional centres.