Debra Bayne - CEO

Debra Bayne - Debraneys CEOIn our world today, a world of continual social and economic change, it is imperative that there is an understanding of what it is worthwhile to change. Enacting methodologies and technologies that support people, and make a meaningful contribution to businesses –this  is the ethos that underpins the work of Debra Bayne.

Debra is the founder and CEO of Debraneys, an award winning, ground breaking Australian IT company. Established in 1995, Debra soon ventured into the South East Asian market, and in 1997, secured a contract which established Debraneys Asia in Singapore, winning an Innovation and Development Scheme Grant from the Singapore government. At a media launch at Raffles Hotel, the Economic Development Board, the National Computer Board and the Singapore Tourism Board, were unanimous in their praise that Debraneys’ world first IT products ‘far exceeded people’s expectations, and took them to places they hadn’t believed to be possible’.  These computer based products were utilised globally. They changed work practices and the delivery of services in the travel industry, reduced costs, and reduced the time spent on a myriad of jobs. This is innovation – the fulfillment of improvement.

Leadership requires a vision of where you are leading people. It requires experience and it requires discernment. Always acutely mindful of the reality that change has an  impact on people, and it takes time for anyone to get used to doing things in a new way, Debra has seen that well designed computer based tools have an enormous capacity to support change for the better. However, every step along the road of change needs to include all the people who are involved, and who will be impacted by the changes.

A responsive, enthusiastic team of people who, fortunately, also have a sense of humour,  have worked together in both Australia and South East Asia, to bring to market Debraneys’ products and services.